Almost everyone has requested a personal loan at least once in their life.

requirements for personal loans

It is common and necessary, not only for the person who requests it, but also for the economy of the countries. What changes are the conditions of each company. The requirements for personal loans through us are transparent, flexible and very accessible. People who need a loan are put in contact with different lenders and thus obtain the best option for their needs. Generally, private equity lenders are used when banks ‘turn off the credit’. This is a great help for applicants because banks are not always willing to lend low and medium amounts of money or establish requirements that are difficult to meet, such as high salaries, fixed jobs and unblemished credit history.

Requirements to apply for a personal loan with us

It is very easy to apply for a personal loan with us. On our web page you will find a form that has to be filled out, and once sent, from us the application will be valued. You must choose the amount that is needed and the time it can be returned. Our collaborators will assess the request, which in most cases is usually approved. In fact, in our platform we have an acceptance ratio of more than 90%.

The main requirements for personal loans are the following:

    • Be of age.
    • Have a stable monthly income. There is no minimum amount to prove, but that income will be valued by the lender to make the decision.
    • Be the holder of a bank account. This is necessary so that the lender can realize the income of the money.
  • Personal data must be provided. At us personal data is safe, thanks to advanced software that guarantees privacy. It is important that these data are true so that the lender knows that the person making the request is a real person. During the application period, documents that prove the identity may be required, which will be sent in digital format anyway.

Assessment of other requirements for personal loans

There are other requirements for personal loans that each company values ​​differently, according to its company policy. These are some conditions of special interest for all applicants, which in us have a more flexible and accessible treatment.

    • Payment problems in the past. It will be valued individually if in the past a loan was requested and there were difficulties in its return or if there is a debt for another reason. But it is important to know that being included in a list of defaulters does not mean an automatic ‘no’ to a loan application, as it does in the case of banks and major credit institutions. In our case, the lender will decide whether or not to grant the loan. Many of our clients enjoy online loans despite being part of Veraz or other delinquent lists.
    • New application with current loan. When the return of a loan is still in force it will be possible to request a new one as long as the supplier is informed of the situation and the latter agrees. As a general rule, it is convenient to return a loan before requesting a new one, but the lender will make the final decision.
  • Impossibility of presenting endorsement: the endorsement is a requirement that often supposes a great obstacle. Many banks and many companies demand it, even when the personal loan amount is not too high. However, at us, there is no need to present any type of guarantee, be it banking or personal. This brings great freedom to any person, since it gives the possibility of requesting a loan without depending on third parties or third parties.

Consequences of defaults

As is logical, although the requirements for personal loans are softer in the case of us, the obligation of the applicant is always invariable: to return the money of the credit in the stipulated term. Again, each entity has its own company policy regarding the claim of debts: grace periods, number of requirements before initiating any administrative procedure for the collection of the debt, etc.

If it is not possible to meet the payment within the period stipulated at the time of the agreement, it is best to contact the lender immediately . Our collaborators maintain an open attitude, listening and dialogue, so that it is very likely that an agreement can be reached between the debtor and the lender to modify the terms or conditions. This will be a peace of mind for both of you and a good start.

It should also be borne in mind that changing the terms can lead to an increase in interest, but not paying the personal loan implies even more disadvantages for the debtor, both economic and administrative.