The credits decree 1412 are personal loans for civilian and uniformed members of the institutions.

And that are of permanent plant, can access according to their income to loans by decree 14/12 of up to $ 320,000 .


It is a line of personal loans more accessible for your interest, since it takes as reference the interest rate, making this credit product one of the cheapest in the market.

  • Rapid approval, after evaluation of credit risks, although it should be clarified that this line of credit includes loans with a true negative.
  • Online payment in your account or Cash payment in designated branch.
  • We pre-cancel debts of other institutions.
  • We allow irregular situations in truthful.

Is it feasible loan with true negative in credit decree 14/2012?

If it is possible to loan with true negative in this line of credits because the loan decree 14/2012 discounts the fees in the salary receipt by deduction of salaries , and by discounting the quotas within it gives greater certainty to the companies that go to be able to collect your fee always. In the only case that is rejected in the analysis is when there is an extrajudicial management or active trial pending the embargo, since it interferes and limits the discount of the loan installment by Decree 14/12.


Can you pre-cancel other debts that are discounted from other loans by Decree 1412?

Yes, you can pre-cancel debts of other loans by decree 1412 that come by discount of salaries in your salary receipt, you can use the quota that they already occupy to pre-pay that debt and that you stay with money in hand in case of being possible.


Fees credit decree 14

  • In pesos for salary discounts .
  • Up to 60 equal installments.

Requirements loans with Decree 14/12

Surely you have a partner who has requested loans with decree 14/12 and you will know that it is an accessible line of credit because its interest rate is established by the National Bank, it is a credit that unlike others, it needs to be issued a certificate of assets (decree 14/12 or Annex V) and it is very easy to request.

  • Salary certificate 14/2012 or Schedule V (Ex 691)
  • Photocopy of your ID
  • Photocopy of your last 3 salary receipt
  • Photocopy of a service in your name
  • Maximum age:
    • Military personnel at the end of the term of the loan may not exceed 35 years of contributions / seniority.
    • Male civilian staff: 64 years, the loan must be canceled 2 months before reaching 65 years
    • Female civilian staff: 59 years, the loan must be canceled 2 months before reaching 60 years
    • Volunteer Soldiers of Argentine Army: minimum of 2 years of service, loan must be canceled before reaching 27 years


Argentine Army, Air Force, Navy, Naval Prefecture, National Gendarmerie, Federal Penitentiary Service, Federal Police, Migrations, Military Geographical Institute, AFIP – DGI, AFIP – Customs, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Defense, INTA, National Rehabilitation Service, National Institute of Viticulture, National Meteorological Service, Airport Security Police, ANMAT (National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology), CITEFA