When requesting loans online or at a branch in Argentina, we all know that your ID goes through a credit analysis.

That analysis gives the information and tools to the credit granting company on your credit profile and on a to that information they can reject if your suitable is negative or accept your request if they consider your suitable.


What is the analysis that makes suitable?

Would be a bank of information about you and through your ID you can know:

  • your identity and the validation of it, has a database that relates you to other people such as your civil status or companies in which you work or worked.
  • if you have rejected checks, bankruptcies, commercial debts or lawsuits.
  • your credit and compliance situation in the database of the Central Bank of the last 24 months, where the entities where you have the debt report to this agency, amount of the debt and arrears level categorized by numbers and letters, the different numbers give information of the number of days of the delay and the letters may end up indicating compulsory recategorization, uncollectibility or extrajudicial management. It is also good to clarify that sometimes the BCRA has outdated information about your credit situation, and most of the time that depends on the entity that is reporting to you in truth.
  • suitable in addition to obtaining information from the BCRA, it obtains information from its own clients that use its service.
  • know your income level and if you made consultations with other entities and what they were, in the case of having applied to multiple entities

What types of credit are not suitable for you if you have a true negative?

In the world of online loans in Argentina there are different credit products that are more likely to reject your application if your truth is negative because they can not assume that type of risk, a good example are 100% online credits or credits for voluntary payment , so they give loans without truth.


Who accepts personal loans ?

The credit modalities that are more likely to accept loans with true negative are the credits, the loans by decree 1412 and credits by discount code. So they are a good choice of loans with and without truth.


Why do they tell me that I can not access a loan with a true negative?

Each company and credit modality by credit standard always have a certain margin in which they accept a true negative, not all lines of credit can allow a certain risk.